We live in a world of copies. Art, movies, and music are created, replicated, and transmitted instantly without a second thought. We shop at similar places, wear similar clothes, and for the most part, we live similar lives. Getting body art can be about many different things but one of those things is the decision to stand apart – it is about making the choice to differentiate yourself from anyone else – the celebration of one’s own individuality.

It is for that reason that it’s critical to deeply consider the kind of art you are choosing to adorn your body with. While having tattoos can say something about a person the kind of tattoos they have says more. If you are truly seeking to stand apart from the crowd you need to have tattoos that represent that – that are beautiful, and inspiring, and undoubtedly original. Copying a tattoo from the internet or from a famous person is settling for less than you deserve.

This does not mean taking inspiration from another tattoo is a bad thing. In fact, you can and should draw inspiration from anywhere, but when it’s time to put needle to skin make sure it’s being designed through the creativity defined by you and your artist. Consulting with your artist is critical. Discuss what it is you want to say, what you want your tattoo to represent, and the artist will be able to help you bring it to life. If you want to express your patriotism don’t just get a flag or a maple leaf. Think about what Canada really means to you and the images it creates in your mind and have that expressed on your body instead – it will make for a better and more visually striking tattoo.

Don’t settle. Especially when it comes to something as important and as permanent as a tattoo. Find the right artist, the right inspiration, and get a piece of original art you know you can be proud of. If you’re looking for a professional and unique tattoo and want to speak to an artist about your personal vision before putting needle to skin contact us at Bamboo Tattoo today.