1. Wear sunscreen! Once your tattoo is healed make sure to use sunscreen when you’re going to be out in the sun for extended periods. Tattoos fade over time, but exposure to the sun can seriously speed up the fading process. The lighter the ink, the more quickly it will fade. Colours like pink, yellow, green, red and orange may require extra attention as they tend to fade more quickly.

  2. Take care of your tattoo while it’s healing. Your tattoo is an open wound, and it should be treated as such. Tight clothing can stick to your new tattoo, which can not only be painful, but may ruin the ink. Scratching or picking at your new tattoo can cause ink to lift, leaving spots on the tattoo. Swimming, or even soaking in the bathtub, should be avoided until the tattoo is healed. It may smudge the ink, or even infect it with bacteria found in the water. Check out our aftercare instructions here.

  3. Moisturize! Using a moisturizer on your tattoo frequently will keep the skin hydrated, ensuring that the ink doesn’t age. Moisturizing will keep your tattoo looking vibrant and fresh. Staying hydrated will also help keep your tattoo looking new. If you’re healthy, your tattoo is healthy.

  4. Avoid excess weight loss or gain. We’re not talking a couple pounds here and there, we’re talking about MAJOR changes. This could distort and stretch the tattoo, leaving tattoos such as portraits looking off. Choosing strategic placement is important when getting a tattoo.

  5. Get a touchup. If you feel like it’s too late to save your tattoo, you can get it freshened up. You can decide to freshen up the old design, or even make it into something new. If you feel like your tattoo needs a colour boost, details added back in, or maybe more added to it, simply book an appointment!