Cover up tattoos are, by necessity, an exercise in compromise. This is because unlike fresh tattoos the art cannot just be for its own sake – it also has to be used for the purpose of masking a pre-existing piece – and that means there will always have to be give and take made in the art to ensure the cover up is serving its intended purpose.
Sometimes, the pre-existing tattoo can be small enough or light enough to make covering it up with something unique and gorgeous relatively easy. There are many other occasions however where more ink has to be added over a wider area to properly cover the old tattoo in a way that looks good. That can often mean a bigger, darker, or more complicated tattoo than a client might normally want.

Thankfully, there is a new way to cover up. By combining artist skill and advancement in laser tattoo removal cover ups can be accomplished in a much more aesthetically pleasing way. Laser tattoo removal works over multiple treatments with each treatment causing the pre-existing tattoo to fade further. When the existing tattoo reaches the appropriate lightness the artist can then overlay a new tattoo in a way that lets the art take priority over the functionality of the cover up. A client who gets laser removal first will then have a lot more options on depth of colour and design of their new tattoo. Even tattoos that are a deep black can be faded in a way that will make cover ups look like they are the first tattoo ever put on that skin.

If you have an undesirable tattoo, it does not need to be on you forever. With the correct application of laser tattoo removal and a talented cover up artist you can finally get the ink you’ve always wanted – exactly the way you wanted it. If you are looking for laser tattoo removal as well as talented cover up artists contact us at Bamboo Tattoo today.