Tiny tattoos may seem like a great idea, they’re discreet and don’t require a huge amount of time. They’re easy to hide at work, cheap, and just plain cute to look at. Tiny tattoos are a huge trend right now. Unfortunately, tiny tattoos may not age well.

Tiny tattoos are small and have lots of detail in one concentrated space. These intricate details will be lost with time as your skin changes. In contrast, larger tattoos have lots of room to move around which means it will be easy to tell what the tattoo is for years to come. Ink that’s too closely packed in can bleed together, and over time just become a black blob. This can be especially upsetting with small lettering. We usually recommend going bigger when getting a tattoo, we want your tattoo to look amazing for years to come. Bold will hold!


Just like clothes and haircuts, any trends regarding tattoos will come and go. We all know about the classic 90s tattoo fads, like tribal designs, Chinese lettering and sun tattoos. Looking at them now…they may not look as cool as they used to. Even placement can be trendy, we can see in the past that lower back tattoos used to be the thing to have, but now they’re not seen as desirable. Celebrity tattoos can be a huge influence on what types of tattoos are in style. Right now dandelions turning into birds, “live, laugh, love”, and arrows are super on trend, but in 10 years they may not be as cool. Tattoo artists are just that, artists. If you love these types of tattoos, talk to your artist! They’ll be able to create something unique that still has the elements of the trendy tattoo you love, but it won’t go out of style because it’s original and only yours. If you already have a trendy tattoo, it’s still a great reminder of your past!


White ink tattoos sound like a great idea. They’re even more discreet than tiny tattoos, they’re easy to hide even when in plain sight, and you’ll never have to hear that lecture from grandma. Sadly, white ink tattoos fade quickly and are difficult to tattoo. Over time new skin grows over your tattoo, with white tattoos the new skin can make your tattoo look yellow. Instead of that clean, discreet white tattoo looking clean, it can just look like a yellow blob. Not all white ink tattoos turn yellow, but they do fade extremely quickly. For white ink tattoos, going to an artist that’s extremely experienced in white ink is important.


Ok, I’ll give it to you, meme tattoos are hilarious. Unfortunately, memes come and go FAST. We can all remember when the “Forever alone” meme was at its height, but now it’s something we cringe at. Tagging your friends in memes on Facebook? Funny. Getting a tattoo of a meme? Funny now, not so cool in 10 years (ok….maybe it’ll still be a little funny)

In the end, get the tattoo you want! If you love a trendy tattoo, get it. If you love white ink tattoos and don’t mind it fading, do it. If you really want a tiny tattoo and don’t mind touch ups, get your tiny tattoo. If you really feel passionate about Harambe, hell, you get that Harambe tattoo.

Even our artists have done it…