Congratulations on getting your fresh tattoo from Bamboo Tattoo Studio.  Please read the following information carefully. The aftercare of your tattoo will greatly determine the way your tattoo looks once it is fully healed. It is very important that you follow the proper aftercare instructions that your tattoo artist has given you. Your tattoo is an investment and a work of art. Following proper aftercare instructions will result in preserving the longevity and fresh look of your tattoo for your lifetime.  It will prevent infection and damage to the tattoo. Please protect it and don’t forget to show it off to the world!

  • Please keep Dermal bandage on for no more than 72 hours after getting your new tattoo.

  • WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY WITH SOAP BEFORE TOUCHING THE TATTOO.  You do not want to contaminate your tattoo with bacteria as you can develop an infection.

  • To remove the Dermal bandage, lift corners of Dermal bandage from the top of the tattoo and peel slowly and gently under warm water. Continue slowly to the bottom of the tattoo until it is removed.

  • After Dermal care has been removed, wash your tattoo with a mild unscented soap.
    (Dove unscented bar soap or Spectro gel)

  • Lather the soap in your hands and gently wash the tattoo making sure to clean off any dried blood or plasma and excess ink.  Repeat this process 2 hours later if the tattoo continues to weep fluids. Make sure to clean your tattoo daily to prevent any infection.

  • After you have washed it with soap, pat dry with a paper towel.  Do not use a cloth towel as they can carry bacteria and this can be transferred into your fresh tattoo.

  • Apply Bamboo Tattoo Supplied ointment (Bapanthen) in thin coats 2-4 times a day for the first 2 weeks of the healing process. When you have finished the supplied ointment, you can use Aveeno unscented cream or Weber Vitamin E Ointment.

  • As your tattoo heals, it will begin to scab for 5-7 days.  This layer of skin will eventually fall off. After 7 days, it will lightly flake and reveal a shiny skin surface revealing your new tattoo.  During this process, the tattoo may feel itchy and irritating. It is important that you keep the tattoo moisturized to prevent excessive scabbing, which can become thick and painful.


    • Do not pick, peel, scratch or rub your tattoo.

    • Do not touch your tattoo without washing your hands first.

    • Do not let others touch your tattoo as they can transfer bacteria into your tattoo.

    • Do not expose the tattoo to sunlight for 3 weeks. Afterwards, always wear sunscreen (SPF 60+) to protect and preserve your tattoo from sun damage.

    • Do not swim in pools, lakes, rivers, ocean or ponds with a fresh tattoo for at least 3 weeks.

Do not allow any pets or animals to come into contact with the tattoo while it is healing.



  • Do not visit a gym or play sports for at least one week after getting a new tattoo

  • Do not go on vacation directly after getting a fresh tattoo, as it will be damaged during travel.

We offer touch-ups for free (if needed) up to 2 months after tattoo completion.  A fee will be charged after this period of time. If getting tattooed by a guest artist who is at the studio for a limited time, it may not be possible to get a touchup.

Please consult with Bamboo Tattoo Staff regarding your guest artist’s availability.
If an infection occurs and does not improve within 24 hours, please contact a registered physician.

If you have any questions, please contact the studio.